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As a mother of a child with Crohn’s disease, I would like to welcome you to The Foundation for Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Children (NIBD)! NIBD is a non-profit charity dedicated to raise awareness of the special nutrition needs of children with IBD. NIBD also supports research for the advancement of science-based nutrition as an integral part of the treatment of juvenile IBD.


Eleven years ago, when my child was diagnosed with this debilitating illness, I searched the internet to learn as much as I possibly could about IBD. There was a great deal of information available but, the question that kept reoccurring was “What do I feed my child to help her grow and gain weight?” I was told by many experts “If it doesn’t bother her belly let her eat it and fatten her up!”


Trial and error with her diet and her drug therapy was extremely stressful and unsuccessful. She was treated with a series of powerful drugs. Some helped for a short time, others caused severe debilitating reactions, causing her to lose additional weight with no relief of pain. Many parents have voiced exactly the same concerns for their IBD child!


Dr. Grovit and Dr. Slonim changed all that! My daughter gained back 30 lbs in 4 months, and grew 9 1/2 inches in one year! Their approach to treating IBD with exclusion diet, specific nutraceutical supplements, and the selective use of low-dose growth hormone, had enabled our child to return to high school and to advance to college. Their pilot study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2009, on the response of their initial group of treated children demonstrated, that certain foods are detrimental, while other foods and certain nutraceutical supplements are most beneficial for IBD patients.


Please invite your friends and family members to join the cause and support NIBD’s vital research. Every dollar of your generous tax-deductible gift will help fund this critical research of nutrition science for IBD. Through your donation, we can change the way we look and manage IBD! Here are ways you can financially support this important innovative approach to IBD:


Here are ways you can financially support this important innovative approach to IBD:


  • Donate online
  • Make a gift in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one
  • Commemorate a special occasion
  • Become a member
  • Participate in fundraising events


Thank you for your support to find a cure for IBD.

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends



Lenore Shapiro, M.S., CCC-A

Co-Founder and President of NIBD

Lenore Shapiro has been a pediatric audiologist for the past 30 years. Her career path changed when her daughter Jordyn, at the age of 12 years-old, was diagnosed with Crohns disease.


Alfred E. Slonim, MD

Former Program Director for Crohns Disease
Professor of Pediatrics CUMC

Dr. Slonim originated the use of growth hormone (GH) for IBD, and with Dr. Grovit developed GH and exclusion diet therapy that has been remarkably beneficial for Crohns disease patients.


Melvyn Grovit, D.P.M., M.S., C.N.S.

Former Adjunct Associate Research Scientist CUMC and
Clinical Nutritionist CUMC

Dr. Grovit is advancing nutrition science for children and adults with Crohns disease and Ulcerative Colitis.


Kathie G Ferbas, Ph.D

Scientific Administrator UCLA AIDS Institute and UCLA COVID-19 Clinical Research Response Unit

Dr. Ferbas is an educator and research scientist with expertise in the immunology of inflammatory disease processes.

Our Leaders
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